Powerglide Components

Unique Straight Cut planetary features 9310 alloy steel gears designed with a 12 diametral pitch to allow maximum gear tooth size. Industry leading billet aluminum carrier and 4340 alloy output shaft provide maximum strength and weight reduction for better elapsed times. Bolt-on output shaft makes changing from standard to "shorty" length an ease. The gearset of choice for World Champion Monster Truck "Grave Digger".

Turbo Hydramatic 350 & 400 Converters

The world’s quickest and fastest torque converter just got better! Coan Engineering has released the Super Mega, a bolt-together version of the highly talked about Mega Series converters. The new Super Mega features a billet aluminum front cover designed to provide both weight reduction and superior rigidity. Coan Engineering continues to raise the bar in Maximum Performance torque converter technology, designing this converter from the ground up specifically for blown, nitrous injected, and mountain motored extreme racing machines. Buy now and save at this introductory price!


Extreme Series 9" bolt-together converter offers unmatched tuning capabilities while providing Do-It-Yourself maintenance. This converter is perfect for nitrous racers who use various tune-ups; simply change stators to match your combination. Coan Engineering currently offers 5 stator variations and two pump assemblies for the Extreme 9". The Extreme Series 9" features a BILLET 7075 aluminum front cover, huge 11 roller one-way clutch, roller thrust bearings, and a nickel furnace brazing for maximum strength. Available freshen-up kit makes maintenance simple.

Turbo Hydramatic 400 Components

BILLET 7075 aluminum forward drum includes 300M alloy input shaft for combined performance and durability.

Turbo Hydramatic 350 Components

BILLET 7075 aluminum direct drum provides 4.28 pounds of weight reduction while incorporating a huge 36 element sprag for durability. Increase performance and reliability with this trick part.

*(Accepts OEM apply piston, return springs, snap rings, and pressure plate. For use only with manual shift valve bodies.)


At Coan Engineering we strive to be on the cutting edge of performance and innovation and recently have released an upgraded version of our popular TH350 Transmission Heavy Duty Drum Kit (COA-32802). The new version (COA-32802B) features Coan manufactured billet inner and outer races paired with a Coan Engineering Modified Steiber 36 element sprag. The new billet inner race will retrofit in-place of existing inner races when performing service work to COA-32802 Drum Kits.

Torque-Flight 727 Components

Eliminate friction wear points with this new dual roller bearing setup. The performance oriented solution Chrysler racers have demanded for years.

XST / Lenco / Bruno Converters

"THE WORLD'S QUICKEST AND FASTEST CONVERTER" Let the torque converter technology that propells alcohol dragsters to 5.5 second runs at over 250 MPH Pro Modifieds to 6.0 second blasts at over 230 MPH work for your hot rod. This custom built, custom designed converter is tailored to blown, nitrous injected, turbo charged, and Mountain Motors producing over 1500 HP.


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