Powershift XMT
Introducing Coan Engineering's all new Powershift XMT automatic marine transmission.
XMT | Xtreme Marine Transmission

The Powershift XMT marine two-speed transmission was designed and manufactured by Coan Engineering in conjunction with renowned marine engine builder Keith Eickert. Rigging and testing for the project was provided by Don Onken and Sons from Lightning Performance Group, utilizing their 32í Skater.

The driving concept for the project was to develop a transmission which provided a low range with gear reduction to help propel todayís large catamaran poker run boats on plane faster while also maintaining a direct drive range for top speed. Shifting may be performed manually or electronically under FULL POWER providing un-matched acceleration. Low speed harbor maneuvering and docking is also made easy with the prop speed reduction offered by low range of the Powershift XMT.

XMT | Speed Racer

Coan Engineering's Powershift XMT transmission makes a splash in the 44', 180 mph, theme powerboat Speed Racer. Owner Bob Christie cannot be happier with the new transmissions and greatly improved handling. Check out the full article here at SpeedOnTheWater.com

"And with the two-speed transmissions, itís like a Rolls Royce around the docks."  Ron Potter of Potter Performance Engines talks about Coan Engineering's XMT transmissions in project Speed Racer at SpeedOnTheWater.com

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