Converter Repair Services

Don't let untimely part failure keep you from reaching the winner's circle. Preventative maintenance is a crucial part of a winning racecar. Let the skilled technicians at Coan Engineering keep you on the path to victory by annually performing a freshen-up on your torque converter.

Coan Engineering specializes in rebuilding and repairing street performance and racing torque converters. All makes and models are serviced by our skilled technicians.

The Process...
Disassembly and Inspection

Your converter will be entirely disassembled and thoroughly inspected. A sales person will contact you to discuss any possible performance and/or strength enhancements available for your converter. A price estimate will be given prior to completion of repair. For proper performance and strength enhancements, car specifications may be required. Submit Car Specs here...

Repair and Reassembly

After inspection and discussing options with the customer, the reassembly process begins.

+ Replace worn bushings, bearings

+ Repair, Replace, or Upgrade one-way clutch / "sprag"

+ Accurately machine converter to Coan Exacting Tolerances

Weld, Pressure Check, and Balance

All converters are reassembled on state of the art automated welding machines to ensure optimum concentricity. Each converter is dynamically balanced within 5 grams and pressure checked to guarantee superior service and reliability.