About us

Coan Engineering was founded in 1976, by Dave Coan, as a two-man operation in a small Kokomo, Indiana garage. Kokomo is a town of rich automotive heritage, dating back to Elwood Haynes' first automobile. As a racer himself, Dave set out to offer a better and more refined product targeted initially at the Drag racing market. The main goals of Coan Engineering in 1976 were performance, reliability, and Commitment to its customers. Customers ranging from the novice street car enthusiast to the Professional sportsmen racer.

Coan Engineering played a major role in introducing the first transbrakes for the Powerglide, TH400, and TH350 transmissions, now a standard in the industry. Coan Engineering also pioneered the use of steel stators in its maximum performance torque converters to withstand the rigors of extreme horsepower. Coan Engineering is one of the few companies to offer the very precise design of steel stators necessary for the seven inch torque converter used by many of today's class racers. Further development includes the release of the "Coan Three Speed", intended for class racers who demand the performance that can only be offered by the lightweight aluminum rotating assemblies this transmission offers. The Commitment at Coan Engineering to be at the top of product development has evolved into a state of the art engineering department marked by the latest in CAD/CAM design and modeling software. Product Manufacturing is done with the best in CNC turning and machining centers to insure exacting tolerances.

Coan Engineering stays at the top of its product development by utilizing one of the most extensive on track testing programs in the industry. Headed by three company owned cars, nearly all of the bases are covered, including Competition Eliminator, Super Comp, and Bracket racing. The direct company involvement does not stop here; Coan Engineering employs a number of licensed drag racers and dirt track competitors, and work closely with a selected group of racers from across the country to refine current products and develop better components for the future. This direct involvement in the racing community is just one of the areas where Coan Engineering has surpassed the competition.

In racing, the proof of success is in the record books, a place Coan Engineering customers are no stranger to. Several National and Divisional champions have relied on the unmatched performance of Coan products to reach the winners circle of all sanctioning bodies including NHRA, IHRA, NMCA, and NMRO.

Boasting over 40,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehousing space, Coan Engineering has grown a lot in size since 1976 when Dave Coan first had his dream become reality in that small Kokomo garage. While our size may have changed, our goals have not. Coan Engineering is still committed to offering the best performing, most reliable automatic transmissions, torque converters, and transmission components in the industry while maintaining a customer relationship that is unsurpassed. If you want to be in the Winners circle, let Coan Engineering take you there. Made in the USA Since 1976!