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400-XLT Billet Brake | Xtra-Lite BILLET Aluminum TH400 Valvebody

400-XLT Billet Brake

Coan Engineering has just released the latest addition to its Xtra-Lite Technology (XLT) series of components for the TH400 transmission.

The all new 400-XLT "Billet Brake" line features a variety of fully CNC machined billet aluminum valve bodies in both 2-speed & 3-speed configurations.

Advantages of the "Billet Brake" include optimized fluid flow for quicker shift times and faster reaction times, along with a 5 pound weight reduction.

The new design also incorporates a valve body mounted trans brake solenoid to further enhance reaction time.

Coan Engineering's Superfinishing service

Super Finishing

Coan Engineering is excited to offer in-house Superfinishing services.

Superfinishing is available as an option for any transmission build as well as individual components such as planetary sets and shafts.

We also offer Superfinishing services on a variety of other parts including ring and pinion sets and engine components.

For more details and pricing, give us a call