Car Specification Form

Providing Coan Engineering with the following specifications about your performance application ensures we have all of the information to recommend the best performing and most reliable products. If you are uncertain about some items please leave them blank. If you have had your engine or complete car professionally run on a dyno, use the file upload feature to provide that information. Upon receiving your specs, one of our skilled technicians will contact you with our recommendations.

Fill out the specification sheet below and click the submit button to send us your transmission and converter specifications.

This specification sheet is provided so we can better help you in choosing a transmission and converter.

The accuracy of the information you provide is very important in determining the correct combination.

Also, feel free to call us at 765.456.3957 for technical assistance. Do you want to send a dyno sheet with your car specs? Fax your dyno sheet to 765.456.3960

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